The Sales module in NOW manages the interactions with the customer, from Order Entry through Order Fulfillment and Invoicing. Datatex developed technological solutions that maximize performances. The company follows the customer across the entire process. The Customer Service Representative can retrieve Customer preference defaults for many order parameters, such as contact email address, terms, and pricing, and can change them for the particular order as required. The CSR can view inventory and, if available, allocate and release to order fulfillment. If not available or a made to order product is being ordered, the CSR records the requested delivery date and based on a company’s workflow, the order is sent to planning for confirmed date. From this point the CSR is able to provide the customer details about the stage and localization of his order , or Customers can be granted access to follow the progress on-line. The Sales module also manages returns, claims and credit notes.


  • Handles management and treatment of customers’ orders

  • Verificates products’ availability in real time

  • Defines the right delivery times

  • Shows the customer order stage


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