CAMS (Computer Aided Manufacturing System) is a software created to detect production progresses in automatic or semi-automatic form, able to meet the above requirements and reduce human error. With a user interface designed for the less computer-literate user and designed to work with various data collection devices, CAMS allows the manufacturing staff to quickly enter production data and keep their focus on maintaining high-quality and efficient manufacturing. CAMS allows an organization to have a uniform MES platform (Manufacturing Execution System) to monitor production and assist all production processes, from the picking of raw materials to the shipment of finished products. In addition to the collection of production progresses, CAMS is used for various many other functions such as weighing, labelling, packaging and palletizing stations. The main purpose of CAMS is to increase productivity through automatic machine stop detection, real-time reporting of production progress, operator and shift productivity recording, machine monitoring and machine status supervision.


Automatically detects the quantities produced by the machines through encoders, thus reducing human error and increasing the productivity of the company

Through appropriate interfaces it connects to PLC for online data collection

It sends to the operator the job queues on board the machine, the operating instructions, records machine yields, production feeds, stops, defects and material handling

Automatic detection of downtime


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