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Datatex is the world’s leading supplier of IT software solutions for the global textile and apparel industry with the largest installed base of textile software with customers in 45 countries and 5 continents.

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Business software solutions specialized for:

Textiles, Apparel, Home fahions, Technical fabrics, Accessories, Nonwoven, Rolled goods  and Floor coverings.


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Datatex is focused on four values:

Experience: we treasure every single experience and try to learn something new. We focus on innovation to keep up with new trends.

Passion in every moment of the day.

Respect: our conduct is based on professional ethics. For us it is fundamental to respect our clients and our colleagues. Our respect for the environment and nature that surrounds us is always there.

Reliability: we have important but realistic goals, committing ourselves with tenacity to earn our customer’s trust.

Active in textile world from many years, we witnessed many changes but our values are always part of our company. Datatex works in many fields and offers many services, but the most important are:

IT professionals require more precision and a clear path forward in terms of “technological platform” and ” scalability.  This is a natural progression since these factor heavily into solution optimization and to minimize the Total Cost of Ownership. During the design phase– the long-term requirements should be analyzed to ensure future efficiency and continue to respect the Service Level Agreement. The handling of an ERP system that integrates all the business processes relevant to the company, regulating and optimizing all the flows becomes even more relevant and critical to achieve our customers’ desired result. Datatex, thanks to the expertise and experience gained in the field over the years, can identify the hardware or software infrastructure best suited to the needs of the customer.

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Datatex infrastructure consultants can provide a comprehensive scalability recommendation because we don’t look at only our solutions , but instead examine the company information system as a whole. Only after having studied it, we suggest the most opportune options. A common problem is that the even the best ERP is unlikely to be adequate if not supported by the proper infrastructure.  A system analysis before, during and after the go-live is our standard methodology to ensure the reaching the identified levels of the SLA.  There are many parameters that our experts evaluate to propose the most suitable solution. It ranges from the simple amount of simultaneous users, to the analysis of the system “as is” and of the future system “to be”. Our analysis is made of: transaction verification by minute, IOPS and latency time, network infrastructure with potential bottlenecks, disaster recovery strategies. According to customer’s conditions and requirements, we can also suggest and support the implementation of control systems with alerting and notifications.

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We have a schedule of training courses on various  topics on technological and functional parts. We also held courses on the programming of metalanguage, on the operational environment determined by the web server and on the database. For the functional part there are training courses about any module. These courses can be held in the classes or followed via web though e-learning platforms. Datatex also organizes many free Webinars, where we can better explain our modules and interact with our prospects. One of our main priorities is to have a skilled, competent, and up-to-date staff. For this, we keep intensive refresher courses on many areas, such as social, internal management, how to use our products in the best way and many more. An example occurred recently, at our headquarters in Milan, where there was a course about LinkedIn with the purpose of improving knowledge of the platform and being able to maximize its potential. Over time, courses have been carried out for customers on our products with the aim of making them more autonomous and more skilled. Our employees attended basic and advanced courses on management and budget control. To make the most of this opportunity, we invested in a modern training room with high-resolution monitors and stereo Dolby surround sound.

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The experience gained in the production management, sales and logistics in the apparel and textile field has allowed Datatex to assist its customers in a digitalization path of their processes. Datatex technicians and consultants help customers to design, develop and implement digital applications that are perfectly integrated with ERP systems. Here are some examples:

  • B2B platform: dedicated to the publication, visualization and consultation of color charts, warehouse details always updated, associated price list, payment methods dedicated to the individual customer and many other functions based on different needs.
  • B2C platform: for companies that want to address customers market to eliminate stock or simply to expand into new markets.
  • Customer Portal: aimed at the diffusion and representation of technical and commercial documentation, always updated, and made available to stakeholders by any type of device.
  • ConsumoOk: is an application that makes available, through machine learning and IOT logics, the visualization and control of energy costs within production plants.
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Our Server Farm offers outsourcing, web hosting and cloud services. In the last ten years, we’ve seen the interest in Cloud solutions grow and it has revolutionized the way companies manage their IT hardware, allowing them to work with systems without having to invest in the purchase and maintenance of servers. While some companies have concerns around the safety of their data in the cloud and, therefore, prefer traditional management alternatives, the early adaptors of Cloud services are finding them user-friendly and with much more free memory and enjoying the ability to access them through any device.

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Datatex can help with all the digital ecosystem of your company. Thanks to our experience in the textile and Fashion field, we can quickly identify the target audience of a company/brand and carry out a careful benchmarking. These preliminary activities allow us to better assist in the conception phase of the Digital Marketing strategy. From there our specialists optimize Web pages, design SEO strategies and take care of advertising campaigns to make companies grow. Also, a creative team can take care of the creation and implementation of original content (blog articles, post, graphics, photographic material, etc.), to enrich social communication, generate leads and improve the customer’s brand reputation.

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Therefore it is essential to establish a strong fidelity with the customer to become his new reference point. Datatex solutions are not standardized because they are created on request and are made according to customer’s needs and preferences. This means that we provide a new service, created ad hoc for the customer but also offer a unique product. Being an apparel and textile specific solution, the number of customizations required is quite low, if any at all, especially compared to an implementation of a standard ERP. However, if there is a unique process or logic that differentiates your company, and that is not available in our standard configurable solution, then Datatex can provide custom engineered applications for you. Developed together to meet your specific needs, these apps can be deployed within the ERP, alongside the ERP, in a mobile fashion on a tablet or smartphone, on the cloud, as a customer or vendor facing website, or as an integration to another system.

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Datatex has customers in fashion and apparel sector that have different sizes and come from many countries. This allowed us to gather along the years a lot of expertise in management methodologies and best practices that we offer to our customers. In fact, Datatex management consulting can help companies achieve this success. Datatex can work with your leadership team to provide analysis of the marketplace, guidance on how to position your products and what opportunities different supply chain and sourcing options present. Also, Datatex can provide operational consulting help. This includes improving sustainability, new plant design, standard cost analysis of your operations and actual cost variance tracking, reducing cost and waste in dyeing and finishing, cut optimization of fabric, and other common operational opportunities.

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This section is dedicated to insights on Datatex solutions and focus on the textile world.

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