NOW Quality is a special module catering to advanced requirements of Quality Management. It has been seamlessly integrated with Sales, Purchase, Production modules.

This module has following functions:

• Inbound, In Process and Outbound Material Quality management

• Definition of Quality Standard for Individual Products, Group of Products by Individual Customer and Supplier

• In-Line, End of the Line as well as Pre-Shipment Quality Inspection

• Samples and Final Production Testing and QA

• Definitions of Multiple Standards with number of parameters with allowed range values

• Quality Analysis:

– Datatex system allows users to define the Product Quality Standards per Product based on in-house standards or standards based on Customer Requirements.

– Users can raise the Quality Request for Material being purchased as well as material bring produced. Against the Quality requests and predefined standards, users can also record the actual values.


  • Top quality controls

  • Customer loyalty

  • Updated tests

  • Importing quality data from external systems

  • Provide in production and historical traceability of quality results

  • Enable a rapid and immediate response to quality deviations at all stages


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