Nowadays, knowing your exact costs is crucial for the development of a successful company. The solution offered by Datatex for cost management is one of the pillars of the application. Our software allows to dynamically calculate both standard and real cost for an infinite combination of production alternatives. Datatex supports all cost calculation methodologies, starting from the simplest ones to reach the most complex ones such as ABC (Activity Based Costing). Datatex solution offers different services like Cost calculation, Cost Inquiry and Cost simulation. The number of simulations are unlimited and the simulation can be made both by clients and by the company. There are simulations of different payment methods, point of delivery,lot size, make or buy, raw materials alternatives etc..


Knowledge of the different costs of the same product as the production plant or order size varies

Multiple user-definable versions and simulation groups for costs and components

Definition of production plans by period, in order to determine the contribution margins

Calculating standard costs per item, Bill of materials and work cycle


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