B2B and B2C Applications

The experience gained in the production management, sales and logistics in the apparel and textile field has allowed Datatex to assist its customers in a digitalization path of their processes. Datatex technicians and consultants help customers to design, develop and implement digital applications that are perfectly integrated with ERP systems. Here are some examples:

B2B platform: dedicated to the publication, visualization and consultation of color charts, warehouse details always updated, associated price list, payment methods dedicated to the individual customer and many other functions based on different needs;

B2C platform: for companies that want to address customers market to eliminate stock or simply to expand into new markets.

Customer Portal: aimed at the diffusion and representation of technical and commercial documentation always updated and made available to stakeholders by any type of device.

ConsumoOk: is an application that makes available, through machine learning and IOT logics, the visualization and control of energy costs within production plants.

Digital Marketing

Datatex can help with the digital ecosystem of your company. Thanks to our experience in the textile and Fashion field, we can quickly identify the target audience of a company/brand and to carry out a careful benchmarking. These preliminary activities allow us to better assist in the conception phase of the Digital Marketing strategy. From here our specialists optimize Web pages, design SEO strategies and take care of advertising campaigns to make companies grow. Also, a creative team can take care of the creation and implementation of original content (blog articles, post, graphics, photographic material etc..), to enrich social communication, generate leads and improve the customer’s brand reputation.