Seamless Efficiency & Quality

SETEX’s OrgaTEX MES solution, enhanced by Datatex NOW ERP, forms the backbone of advanced textile production.

This powerful combination ensures a seamless flow from raw material to finished product, empowering your business with real-time analytics, customisable solutions and unparalleled efficiency. Elevate your production capabilities and navigate market demands with confidence.

Transform your textile production today.


Our integrated IT solution combines the flexibility and comprehensive coverage of Datatex NOW ERP with the precision and expertise of SETEX OrgaTEX MES. This synergy gives you detailed control and optimisation of production processes, from fibre to finished fabric. Find out how the close collaboration between SETEX and Datatex results in a seamless, efficient and quality-oriented production cycle.

The integration of SETEX OrgaTEX MES and Datatex NOW ERP redefines the future of textile production – optimised, efficient and focused on quality.


  • View complete production status instantly: plan and control production in real time, using local data for predictive insights and ensuring readiness for Industry 4.0.

  • Increase productivity through efficient processes: streamline systems efficiently and eliminate patchwork.

  • Solutions for individual needs: do you need production adaptability, seamless integration of new employees and fast strategic decisions? A customised solution is the key.

The synergy of Datatex NOW ERP and SETEX OrgaTEX MES in an integrated suite provides aligned data analytics, IoT, cloud computing and Industry 4.0 practices to deliver a highly efficient, customisable and future-proof platform.

End-to-end integration
A complete solution from raw material to finished product with seamless integration of business processes and production management.
Cloud-based agility
Datatex’s robust cloud infrastructure ensures scalability and performance combined with SETEX’s real-time production adjustments.
Advanced analytics and visualisation
Combining Datatex business intelligence with SETEX sensor data acquisition for real-time analytics and process visualisation.
Customisation and flexibility
Datatex’s personalised modular approach and SETEX’s application-specific control provide solutions tailored to specific business needs.
Integrated process control and optimisation
Combining the comprehensive automation technology of SETEX OrgaTEX MES with the analytical capabilities of Datatex NOW ERP promotes an adaptive and responsive manufacturing environment. This integration improves operational excellence and product quality through data-driven decisions, optimising production processes for efficiency and responsiveness.
Industry 4.0 leadership
The automation and digitalisation capabilities of both platforms drive the transition to smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 standards.
Sustainable and efficient manufacturing
Focus on energy efficiency and resource optimisation, promoting environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.
Global expertise and local support
Combining global market knowledge with local customer service and support, providing a comprehensive customer experience.
Improved machine downtime management
SETEX controllers reduce machine downtime, complemented by cloud services for remote management and diagnostics.
Data-driven decision making
Real-time data insights from both systems enable companies to make informed and agile decisions to optimise production.

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