Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a module that manages more effectively the company’s relationship with current and potential customers, or with other companies and individuals. It is suitable for the marketing department and the commercial force. The CRM maps each stage:  from the first contact, to pre-sale, to the negotiation, until the prospect becomes a customer . Furthermore, it’s possible to trace all the activities carried out in a day and sharing information with your team becomes immediate and simple. There will be no more Excel spreadsheets scattered across the PC, because this centralized system collects and communicates all the information. You will also avoid unnecessary email submissions or print copies of your work for colleagues, because in the CRM all the material inserted is available. The CRM is in the cloud, this means you can access it from a smartphone or tablet, not only from your PC, allowing your sales team to focus their attention on what is important: the customer.


  • It is a flexible platform because it adapts to the contractual conditions according to the requirements

  • It provides a greater focus on your business

  • Mobile Access to the cloud

  • Device Independent


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