Business processes are fundamental building blocks of an organization’s success. Leading organizations have realized that workflow optimization and process optimization are pivotal to in terms of edging out competition and leading their individual business sector. Datatex, after careful analysis of the top workflow solutions available in the market, has chosen ACTIVITI as their embedded BPM engine. Datatex has carefully engineered this BPM engine in a manner that provides a flexible and seamless integration of continuity with the NOW platform; in this way it is possible to reach the desired capacities for each of the different modules of NOW. With NOW ERP’s Seamless integration with the Activiti BPM Engine, process owners are empowered to model workflow approval processes based on various business rules and requirements.


The design of the Work-flow server is perfectly integrated with the NOW base platform, and has a set of APIs, so that it can be used by all NOW customers on any of the existing commercial work engines.

The Workflow server resides in an independent database or shares the scheme of the existing NOW database server.

Supports Single sign-on with the NOW base platform.

Exploits the user interface capabilities of the workflow service provider for the administrative process and offers perfect integration with the NOW user interface from the end user perspective.

The workflow server offers user provisioning services which must be done automatically when users are added to the NOW platform.


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