We have a schedule of training courses on various topics on technological and functional parts. We also held courses on the programming of metalanguage, on the operational environment determined by the web server and on the database. For the functional part there are training courses about any module. These courses can be held in the classes or followed via web though e-learning platforms. Datatex also organizes many free Webinars, where we can better explain our modules and interact with our prospects.

One of our main priorities is to have a skilled, competent and up-to-date staff. For this, we keep intensive refresher courses on many areas, such as social, internal management, how to use our products in the best way and many more..

An example occurred recently, at our headquarters in Milan, where there was a course about LinkedIn with the purpose of improving knowledge of the platform and being able to maximize its potential. Over time, courses have been carried out for customers on our products with the aim of making them more autonomous and more skilled. Our employees attended basic and advanced courses on management and budget control. To make the most of this opportunity, we invest in a modern training room with high-resolution monitors and stereo Dolby surround sound.