MCM is a graphical capacity planning tool to coordinate and plan production in a better way and to provide tailored suggestions to the customer. It has to handle management and timing of the production process by verifying:

  1. Machinery capacity

  2. Materials availability, both in the warehouse and to the suppliers

  3. Additional resources

  4. Prefixed deadlines

MCM helps the company to solve many issues and analyzes bottlenecks. The main strength is the definition of a complete insight over all departments and a real integration with the system Datatex ERP TIM/NOW. In MCM all production requests, either coming from the ERP or entered manually, are prioritized and then placed on the Gantt. This can be done in either a finite capacity evaluation or an infinite capacity evaluation. Using finite capacity planning the system loads capacity based on a first-come, first-served approach and calculating the delivery date. Infinite capacity planning loads capacity based on requested delivery date and highlights the over-capacity bottlenecks and the planner determines the priority and delivery dates.


  • Plans the production

  • Verifies the machinery capacity

  • Handles the available resources

  • Allows a better customization


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