Project Description

Custom-Engineered Applications
Organizational and Management Counselling in the Fashion Field

Custom-Engineered Applications

The customer is one of the first resources for a company. Therefore it is essential to establish a strong fidelity with the customer to become his new reference point. Datatex solutions are not standardized because they are created on request and are made according to customer’s needs and preferences. This means that we provide a new service, created ad hoc for the customer but also offer a unique product. The advantage of creating an exclusive service for the user involves an additional advantage: what we offer is always new and updated.

Organizing and Management
Counselling in the Fashion Field

Datatex, in addition to its entrepreneurial strength, devotes a lot of time to organizational and managerial aspects. If a company has solid foundations, it invests in good raw materials and has a good organization behind it, then it will become a successful company. With the term “organizing consulting” we mean both costs control and improvement in the short and long term. With the term “management consulting” instead we mean management in many areas such as accounting, implementation of directional control systems, budget analysis, and other business functions.