Product Lifecycle Management is a strategic approach, based on technologies, specific organization methodologies and historical experience, to managing the evolution of a product from conception to it being discontinued. It is fundamental for companies to have a deep knowledge of their own product. PDM is a software that collects and organizes documents or data related to the entire product life cycle: concept, design, production and obsolescence. The PDM is specifically designed for textile and apparel companies and its flexibility allows an easy integration and exchange of data with CAD and ERP systems. Some of PDM main features can fulfill many business activities’ requirements, linking users with different tasks and responsibilities, allowing the interface with account managers and related software, and integration with the ERP company to manage the entire Product Lifecycle (PLM).


Development costs are significantly reduced

The margin of error is reduced

Provides better knowledge of the product and production steps

Reengineering of business processes

Facilitate collaboration with anyone, anywhere

Increase visibility to improve business decisions


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