NOW Inventory module enables detailed Warehouse Management for Purchase, Semi Finished (Intermediary) and Finished Goods. The on-screen analysis dashboards of balance and availability analysis help users understand the stock statement with respect to Lot, type of container (ex. Big Carton, Small Carton, Bag, Pallet, etc), element (ex. Roll No) for one or multiple warehouses.

The analysis can be done by warehouse location like row, rack, bin or by full or partial product information. The on-screen analysis has drill down functionality to go the level of each transaction.

It enables users see current stock and future stock considering the incoming or outgoing quantity of the stock in future.


User-definable stock type (availability status like for example stock on hand, reserved for a customer order, allocated…)

Multiple user-defined availability formulas

Negative stock concept

Multi-company / warehouse analysis

Drill down facilities from company to element / location detail

“Wild card” searches by article codes

Searches by element, container, location or movement status

Inquiry per period evidencing negative availability

Possibility to reserve the goods for customer / project



In order for an enterprise to be organized in the best way, it is fundamental to have a good warehouse logistic management. To correctly administer a warehouse, means to handle at the same time different issues: physical handling of goods and informative or organization handling of products’ flow. Indeed, it is fundamental to stock in an organized way all products and to pack them to assure their integrity. At the same time, it is important to track in every moment the product, to verify its location and availability. Datatex system, created a distinction within the warehouse allowing for different: physical, logical, accountable, internal, transit or saving account, Bill&Hold for a group of warehouses. Therefore, the company developed a solution which can follow and coordinate all inventory phases, both for raw materials and finished products. There are also pre-approval politics, in which minimum and maximum values of existing products in the warehouse are automatically calculated.


  • Improves the internal organization

  • Increased production according to availability

  • Simple organizing system

  • Optimizes times and costs


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