About Sustainability

Sustainability or sustainable development is a very wide concept, usually related to three main dimensions: environmental, social, and economic to “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. It is a process that requires us to view our lives as integral and indispensable parts of a global entity, and accordingly to act within social, economic, and environmental well-being frames. The goal of this more responsible approach is to get every organization to take its environmental and social impacts into account with every business decision throughout the value chain so that it can stay within planetary renewable resources and economic and social values that help all of us and our posterity live better.


NOW can help you have a sustainable development in your company throughout:

  • Process optimization (digital transformation, data collection)
  • Resource efficient processes (careful resource planning, employee overview, cutting waste…),
  • Sustainability reporting and steering
  • Traceability of all processes (from fiber to final piece)
  • Machine and energy consumption control
  • Careful governance of all resources,
  • New technologies in compliance with social and environmental legislation (control and applications, green certificates, fair trademark, SA 8.00057, ISO 14.00158 i EMAS, eco-friendly textiles, eco marks, health risks reduction for textile workers and consumers, animal welfare, etc.)

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