After planning phase, production executes the plan. All categories of the production durations shall be managed (waiting time, tooling time, machine setup time, dwell time, post-production time). Utilizing those durations, we can calculate a planned start time and date and end time and date of each step, either calculating backwards from a delivery date or calculating forwards from a start date. In some areas we may group different production demands together into one production order, such as dyeing body fabric and collars for shirts together. All issues of material to production order will be tracked or consumed automatically. Required production order tracking will occur to get actual durations for the stages of each production step. Ultimately production entry will occur, typically with a quality assurance process as the final step. The results of the production are analyzed in connection with quality, timeliness, costs, profits and inventory values.

The most important moments of production are:

Traceability of all start and finish movements for each production phase

Management of Inter-company movements and/or with external contractors and associated lead-times

User-defined rules to allow or not the production orders processing in a complete, partial or more than ordered way

Automatic handling of material issues via Backflush


  • Inventory Tracking

  • Traceability of  sub-contracted work

  • Labor Cost

  • Billing

  • Communication between production and customer service to quickly identify and fix problems and delays


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