Production Module has unique Production Demand and Production Order structure.

This structure allows one entity (Production Demand) for detailed tracking and scheduling and another entity (Production Order) to manage grouping of jobs based on individual process level needs of shop floor departments.

Production module has following functions. These functions will be configured for all the business operations of Spinning, Weaving, Processing, Garmenting, Lamination, Texturizing Printing and Trading etc.

1. Manual or Auto generation of Production Demands (using Planning Run)

2. Production Order creation with Grouping of Steps or Demands

3. Issue and Returns of Material

4. Production Progress Recording

5. Stoppage recordings

6. Receipt to Warehouse

7. Standard Production Progress Import

8. Production Progress Analysis

9. External Order Handling


  • Inventory Tracking

  • Traceability of  sub-contracted work

  • Labor Cost

  • Billing

  • Communication between production and customer service to quickly identify and fix problems and delays


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