The goal of the plant maintenance module is simple: to record activities and deadlines related to plant maintenance through an improved scheduling of available resources and a better monitoring of every action, already completed or to be performed. Most maintenance programs are either managed through Excel spreadsheets or dedicated software. Then, resulting data are manually logged in the system. This recording mode of operation has the big drawback of replicating the information and not providing an overview of the situation. Hence, we decided to develop a module within our ERP dedicated to maintenance, in order to replace manual or excel-based maintenance system with an integrated module allows users to exploit the full potential offered by the management system and, at the same time, to provide in real time the availability of resources (both machines and personnel) to business processes. Technicians can access their job queue through a mobile application via a tablet and record the start and stop of each maintenance task and even issue spare parts to the work order.


  • Longer equipment life

  • Energy efficiency

  • Equipment reliability

  • Security Performances

  • Spare part inventory


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