Datatex is proud to announce a new customer: DB Socks in China.

DB Socks is located in a national sock standard setting and testing base and a large industrial park specializing in the production of cotton socks.

The company produces textile socks, cotton fabrics, silks, spinning yarns, knitted yarns, and other products.

Since DB Socks cares about the accurate management of its complex supply chain, and in order to assure the compliance with all the safety protocols, the company decided to adopt Datatex ERP NOW.

Among other modules they will implement MQM for optimizing machine schedules, and the MCM module for the accurate and fast coordination and planning of production.

Thanks to this collaboration, Datatex will be able to consolidate its presence in the socks manufacturer field and further expand in the Chinese market.

Northeast hosiery textile industrial park was inaugurated in August 2005. It has built 1.45 million square meters of workshops and auxiliary facilities, 1210 enterprises of various types have settled in the park, with 40000 sets of socks machines, an annual production capacity of 3.2 billion pairs, using 180 million KWH of electricity. It employs 45000 people directly or indirectly in the park. Among them, more than 3000 college students – from 181 colleges and universities across the country – started businesses and found jobs in the park, and 135 sock factories and tertiary industry enterprises were established, driving the employment of nearly 10000 people.

The park has obtained 125 intellectual property rights, including 10 invention patents, 69 utility model patents, 46 software copyright patents and 30 pending patents. It has obtained more than 130 national and provincial qualifications and honors. It is a national sock standard setting and testing base and a large industrial park specializing in the production of cotton socks with the most complete chain in the world.

The park has been successively awarded:

– “National advanced enterprise in employment” by the State Council;

– “National entrepreneurship incubation demonstration base for college students” by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China;

– “National public service demonstration platform for small and medium-sized enterprises” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology;

– “National entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base for small and micro enterprises”

– “National new industrialization industry demonstration base”

– “Regional brand construction pilot of industrial clusters”;

– “Mass Entrepreneurship and innovation” platform pilot demonstration project for manufacturing industry;

– “National Science and technology enterprise incubator” by the Ministry of Science and Technology;

– “National export product quality and safety demonstration zone” by the State Administration of quality supervision;

– “Hometown of Chinese cotton socks”,

– “Famous city of Chinese socks industry” and “capital of Chinese cotton socks” by China Textile Industry Federation and Knitting Industry Association.

Our mission is to produce socks with brand Liaoyuan.