MQM (Machine Ques Management) is user friendly, graphic semi-automatic tool to schedule jobs on specific machines.

It can be used for any kind of machines. Be it Ring-frames, Weaving Looms, Dyeing Vessels, Finishing Machines, or it Is cutting Tables, Sewing Lines or Washing/ Dyeing Machine

Pick & Drop, Split the Jobs, Group the Jobs on Planning Board Itself. (One Customer PO on multiple Sewing Lines) and user definable rules to identify the Best Machine for a Job (Spinning Lines, Plain/ Dobby/ Jacquard or 2 /4/ 8 Color weft or Garment Styles)

MQM can be used for any kind of following process machines.

– Spinning,

– Yarn Bobbin dyes

– Warping

– Sectional warping

– Rope Dye

– Slasher Dye

– Weaving Beam

– Weaving Beam (Double weaving beam, Side to side weaving beam, Towel beams)

– Dyeing and Finishing

– Printing


Scheduling of any department and area

Scheduling of customers’ orders on specific resources

It takes into consideration all limits and best practices of this field, because it has been designed for textile industry

It is always up to date, thanks to its online work, thus the planner can take decisions studying latest information

It manages many variables thanks to the flexibility of the module, to take the best decision


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