Datatex announces a new partnership with WITTY E.I.R.L, an IT solutions provider based in Lima, Peru. The company creates and installs simple and effective solutions for industrial customers.

The main objective of WITTY, that is the same of Datatex, is to respond quickly to the most common needs of today’s industry. In particular, customers’ most frequent problems concern the collection of information in a simple and rapid way in order to make the best business decisions regarding processes’ planning and control.

Thanks to this collaboration, WITTY begins to implement and resell Datatex’s management solutions, specific for the textile sector and for its needs. The close collaboration between Datatex’s specialized technicians and WITTY collaborators with their direct knowledge of the market, will allow both of them to improve their offer.

The collaboration with WITTY derives from Datatex’s decision to expand its influence in a market that is far away but full of potential, such as Peru.

The hope of both is to start a successful collaboration in which there is an equal and productive exchange of ideas, with the final goal of improving the customer’s production processes.