Datatex Warehouse solution manages all inventory and stock levels, from raw materials to packaged items. There are two different types of warehouse: physical and logical. The first is organized following different criteria like priority and location, whether active or locked, otherwise it is also arranged according to location management based on weight, volume, length, height and/or width. Warehouse availability is a valuable way to analyze inventory and future stock levels, user stock types and availability formulas provide the information in the way and resolution required for the decisions to be made. The product in question can be selected by the user or defined by a wild card search, item groups , location, container or lot. There are also the preapproval policies in which the minimum and maximum values of products in the warehouse are automatically calculated.

Datatex manages all phases, from raw materials to finished garments. Keeping a warehouse tidy, not in the physical way, but rather from a logical and financial point of view is not a simple activity.


  •  Increased production;

  •  Greater simplicity of the system;

  • Time and cost optimization.

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