SEL Manufacturing Ltd, which has positioned itself as an established and leading vertically integrated multi product textile manufacturing conglomerate in India, has gone live on ERP in about five and half months time since initiation of the project.

SEL runs with ultra modern facilities engaged in the manufacturing of high quality textiles across the entire texti le value chain that include yarns, knitted fabrics, towels, readymade garments and in future denims too.

With a marketing network in more than 40 countries around the globe, SEL Group, which has a current annual turnover of usd 400 Million, has ambitious p lans to reach US$ one billion by financial year 2013 – 14.

SEL project includes sales, planning, scheduling, production, costing, shop floor management, inventory and purchases . All included in the Datatex NOW (Network Oriented World) standard offering. The project is being managed and implemented by Infinite Computer s olutions (India) Ltd ( ICS),, Datatex BP in India . ICS has been selected by Datatex as their partner in India for the sale, implementation and support of their ERP product NOW.