Via Europa, Garbagnate Monastero, LC 23846
Phone +39 031 852895

Founded in 1981 by Enzo degli Anguioni, EDA is today a major fabric manufacturer with an output of 200,000 meters per month of Jacquard and 100,000 meter of flat-woven fabrics in 12,000 color variants. EDA’s manufacturing processes are certified to ISO 9001 and 9002 standards. The production of fabrics begins from raw yarn and uses all main natural and synthetic fibers utilized in the furnishing sector. Dyeing and finishing processes are carried out by selected sub-contractors.

The solution

The rapid growth of the company created the need for a more integrated, reliable information system. “We chose the Datatex solution,” explained Roberto Angiuoni, “after having evaluated different ERPs, such as SAP. Our system was old and we wanted to make a technologically avant-garde choice”.The new system began operation three months after the signing of the contract. With this solution, EDA uses a complete range of ERP functions (multi-language, multi-currency, multi-company), maintaining at the same time a high degree of flexibility. Big improvements were acknowledged by the system users. Each user can now set up a personalized workstation, create reports in HTML format (ready for Internet publication) and handle the printers and peripherals, controlling the format and quality set-ups. The Business Intelligence needs have been solved with the specialized BI module that, using pre-defined management models, shows the key figures of the company, trends in sales, purchases and production. “Our choice was successful,” observed Roberto Angiuoni. “In a very short time we have been able to improve business control by increasing integration among the different units and activities and by improving the reliability of the data extracted”.