Datatex | Use of cookies

In order to make our services as effective and easy to use as possible, this Site utilizes cookies. Hence, when you visit the Site, a minimum quantity of information will be entered on the User’s device, as small text files called „cookies“, that are saved in the User’s Web browser directory. There are different types of cookie, but basically the main aim of a cookie is to make the Site function more efficiently and to activate certain functions.

Cookies are used to improve the User’s global navigation. In particular, they:

  • Allow for efficient navigation from one page of the Web site to another.
  • Store the user name and preferences entered.
  • Prevent you from having to enter the same information (such as user name and password)
    multiple times during your visit.
  • Measure the User’s use of services, to optimize the navigation experience and services
  • Present advertising information based on the interests and behaviour shown by the User
    during his navigation.

Find below the types of cookies that may be used by our website together with a description of their purpose.

  1. Technical cookies: This type of cookies are necessary to ensure the proper functioning of some website areas. Cookies of this category include both persistent and session cookies. If these cookies are missing, the whole website or some parts of it might not function properly. Therefore they are always used notwithstanding the users‘ preferences. The cookies of this type are always sent by our own dominion.
  2. Analytical Cookies: This type of cookies are used to gather information about the website use. The website’s holder may use such pieces of information to perform statistical analyses, to improve browsing of their website and to make its use simpler, besides monitoring the website’s proper functioning. This type of cookie gathers anonymous information about the website’s users and about the way they got to the website and the visited pages. This type of cookie is sent either from the site itself or from third-party domains.

You may block or disable them at any moment from this website simply by using your browser settings.