New international norms have recently introduced the obligation for manufacturers to point out all information about the origin of their products. They also have to track the quality of production processes along the entire supply chain and this led us to develop the new functionality of LOT TRACKING.

In the Lot Tracking function, we have introduced a tree representation taking advantage from the new header as object feature.

For each level in the tree we show the lot code, the item code, the transaction type, the UOM  and the quantity. On each level it is possible to click on the lot code to open the Lot object. The chooser allows you to have additional information and it is also possible to navigate directly to the QA data and lot analysis.

To implement this, we have standardized a tree component developed in the past and this opens up the possibility to use this representation also in other applications, both standardized and customized. In the latest NOW release, we have introduced a function to have the lot traceability in both directions, TOP-DOWN and BOTTOM-UP.

In the Parameter Request Screen called by the Menu, it is possible to filter by a specific lot or by item, specify the kind of analysis and a list of stock transaction template to take into consideration. If no template is specified, the system considers all transactions.

The result of the elaboration is displayed in a screen divided in two sections, the upper section contains a tree representation of the results and the lower section where the results are shown in a list. In the tree representation it will be possible to expand the levels and for each level the user can have some information like the product, the quantity and the kind of transaction.

Moreover, clicking on the lot code on each branch of the tree, the lot main screen will be opened in order to access all the information.

In the lower section it is possible to have more information on the dependencies and about the related transactions.



Using the selection flag on each line, it is possible to access detailed information about all the transactions done on the selected lot (Lot analysis), open the lot main screen (Lot), open the Quality data if present (QA data) and open the quality certificate generated if present (Quality certificate).

From the collection screen it is possible to know immediately if on a specific lot in the list some Quality data or a quality certificate has been produced.