Datatex is proud to announce that Belgotex Australia has decided to move from TIM to NOW!

Belgotex Fabrics is a specialist manufacturer of high-quality jacquard fabrics for a wide range of commercial and residential applications.

They are part of the highly successful interior textiles group, Belgotex International with an established presence in Europe, Australia, South Africa and South America.

Belgotex invests constantly in new technology, and this allows them to have cutting-edge looms, finishing and printing equipment. Belgotex is mainly focused on jacquard and has specialist weavers who create high quality finished products, always complying with the customer’s requests.

In order to be always up to date and to quickly respond to the new market’s trends, they decided to adopt Datatex NOW ERP solution, that will enable them to meet the new demands of the sector such as a wide variety of products, short delivery times and lower costs.

We are eager to begin this new project that will enable Datatex to expand its business in the big Australian market!