Datatex is happy to announce a new customer agreement with Artistic Milliners from Pakistan signed this week.

Artistic Milliners is a vertical denim manufacturing company established in 1949 with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability. Artistic Milliners has state of the art manufacturing facilities specialized in Spinning, Denim Fabric Weaving and Garments across multiple locations.

Artistic Milliners have been using Datatex Fabric Inspection & Optimization (CATS) Solution for few years. After due diligence and detailed study of global IT Solutions, the management finalized Datatex’ software full ERP solution NOW along with its additional modules  MCM (Capacity management) , MQM Machine scheduling) , CAMS (Shop Floor Management System),  BOARD (Business Intelligence) , PDM (Product development management) and CRM. During the selection process Artistic Milliners management was satisfied that Datatex solution would help to improve their planning, production, and costing systems. Their core values are the same as Datatex, namely quality, service, innovation, and sustainability, so it was a great pleasure for Datatex to sign this new contract with Artistic Milliners.

Datatex looks forward to this project, being our third in Pakistan and will be deploying experienced functional and technical teams to support Artistic Milliners during the whole process.