Datatex History

Datatex was founded in 1987 to provide high quality information technology services for textiles and fashion companies. In this timeline, we are proud to let you see our development; we are currently present in seven different countries: Switzerland, Germany, India, Israel, Serbia, USA and Italy. Since 1987 to today we have come a long way…

  1. We were founded

    Thanks to the meeting of special people who made all this possible.

  2. After numerous attempts...

    Here is the first TIM application

  3. "Wow: we've reached…"

    100 customers

  4. We started working on the project NOW

    The beginning of NOW

  5. Incredible we are everywhere

    We are present in 40 countries

  6. Attention:

    First implementation of NOW!

  7. We are multilingual:

    Our installations are in 14 different languages

  8. Installation number…

    Wow 400

  9. We are expanding

    We are also in Belgrade! Opening of a new headquarters

  10. New inauguration

    We're in India too !!!